Marine Refrigeration

Marine Airconditioning​


We design and produce high quality marine refrigeration units for service in deep freeze - refrigerator - drink coolers.

Our designs are based on compressors that are either engine or electrically powered, both AC and DC powered.

We design and supply custom size evaporators for above types, both fan-coil units and eutectic (hold-over) plates.

We produce airconditioning units for small and medium size yachts. Split models with up to three airhandlers connected to one central AC compressor unit, or DC powered through DC/AC inverter.

We also design and supply combination models of all above,

also combination units with freezer/refrigerator and aircondition on the same compressor unit.

We design and supply custom size stainless steel insulated cabinets used as freezer - refrigerator - drink cooler. The cabinets can be supplied with in-skin (hidden) evaporators or with eutectic (hold-over) plates.

We have 30 years of experience in the field and we always try to give you the best service in any situation.

Please write or call us for more information about our company and what we can offer you.

Iceberg Norcool • CVR 49310668 • Fænøvej 24​ • 7000 Fredericia, Denmark 

Telephone: + 45 75 51 31 51 Fax.: +45 7551 3351